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Art and sexual diversity: contemporary creators

To commemorate International LGBT+ Pride Day, we selected artists whose proposals have contributed to making visible new ways of understanding gender and sexuality.

Starting in the 20th century, with the rise of feminist movements and later the consolidation of the LGBT+ community, artistic creators made visible dissident ways of life and ways of establishing affective bonds, while bringing to the public sphere other ways of understanding and exercising sexual practices, nourishing their proposals with elements from both the history of art and advertising.badoinkvr czechvr vr naughtyamerica sexlikereal virtualrealamateurporn virtualrealporn gay webcams

To commemorate International LGBT+ Pride Day, we present the following list of 10 artists from around the world who have reflected on these and other related topics from their respective creative processes. The order is chronological.

Yasumasa Morimura (Japan, 1951)
Since the 1980s, Morimura has consistently experimented with the possibilities of appropriation through photographs in which he poses as some of the models of famous Western images: from a self-portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci to paintings by Frida Kahlo to his impersonations as Marilyn Monroe, Morimura has questioned not only the representation of bodies in art history, but the cultural and fashionable elements that constitute genders.

Male model in modern painting. Art sexual diversity
Yasumasa Morimura, Une moderne Olympia, 2018. Taken from Artsy.

Morimura’s historical revision of the image as he characterizes himself under different identities makes it complicated to mention one piece in particular, however, in his exhibition at the Japan Society Gallery in New York which opened in 2018-one piece stood out: Une moderne Olympia, a recreation of Olympia by the French painter of Édouard Manet, was widely commented in different specialized art media for the balance it shows between the reference to painting and the incorporation of accessories and objects from Eastern cultures, as well as the representation of a male body in a pose that, for centuries, was associated with the sites joyourself cams streamate cams 247 tsmate mytrannycams asians 247

Nan Goldin (United States, 1953)

The models in Nan Goldin’s photographs are characterized by only one thing: in them, there is no trace of posing, as might happen in commercial images. With an almost cinematic approach, Goldin narrates through the images what it is like to live in the city from the public sphere to what happens in privacy.

Nan Goldin’s photographs show the interests of each person, but her erotic shots in bedrooms are the ones that have most defined her career, as in them she shows the beauty behind every sex-affective relationship regardless of gender, something that in the 1980s became very relevant.vixenvr vr3000 analqt bushybushy handjobhubpremium bilatinmen gay cams

LGBT+ wedding. Art sexual diversity.
Nan Goldin, Greer’ s and Paul’ s wedding, 1987. Taken from AnOther Magazine.

Goldin became a reference at the end of the 20th century with her series The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1986), in which she documented some aspects of urban life, among them the gay culture that took shape after the Stonewall riots in 1969, portraying friends and family in their daily lives.

Adolfo Patiño (Mexico, 1954-2005)

Self-described as “Adolfotógrafo,” Adolfo Patiño managed to blend popular culture with ideas akin to contemporary art, giving rise to a body of work unique in the Mexican scene of the late 20th century.

Influenced by Marcel Duchamp and inspired by the streets of downtown Mexico City, Patiño produced a culturally kaleidoscopic image of the Mexican capital of the 1970s and 1980s through photography -his favorite medium-, installation and interdisciplinary projects that are difficult to pigeonhole.vrallure wankzvr sexymodernbull gangbangcreampie latinleche masqulin teen boys cam tim suck

Portrait of a woman in a dress. Art of sexual diversity.
Adolfo Patiño, from Terry Holiday’s series The Forbidden Land, 1979. Taken from The Walther Collection.

In his work, the presence of the LGBT+ community was not exempt. As a result of his rapprochement with some of its members, Patiño made a photographic series called Terry Holiday’s La Tierra Prohibida (1979), with the help of Mexican transsexual actress Terry Holiday, with which he explored the limits of female sexuality as a cultural convention in a country with a huge macho and conservative bias.

Félix González-Torres (Cuba, 1957-United States, 1996)


Sexualities, the exhibition is a project made up of different artworks that aim to promote reflection and knowledge about sexualities. This proposal seeks, through art, to promote equality between women and men, respect for sexual diversity, good treatment, and pleasures in relationships, while improving health and preventing gender violence. On the other hand, it also aims to encourage youth protagonism in sex education and to make sex art visible through the creations of young artists.vrbangers vrconk inkedpov bushybushy blackgodz bilatinmen gay web cams

Thus, the exhibition was built through a public call open to NY gay and LGBT artists or NY residents up to 30 years of age, who were offered a workshop on sexualities so that the creative process itself would also be educational. Seventeen projects were presented, from which the ten that are part of this exhibition (and its catalog) were selected, and which represent a look at the most committed contemporary artistic creation. To these works were added the didactic reflections of different professionals, through short videos that are broadcasted as part of the sex exhibition itself and that appear as texts in the catalog.virtualrealporn vrbangers momsfamilysecrets porkvendors dadcreep familydick camboys shereacts

The final result is the exhibition that you are about to see through this website and that you can visit in the different centers where it is being exhibited (you can consult the exhibition calendar below).

This project is the result of the collaborative work between the Regional Ministry of Health of the Principality of NY, the Regional Ministry of Education and Culture, and the General Directorate of the NY Institute for Women and Youth Policies.czechvrcasting virtualrealamateurporn futa3dx interracialvision bullyhim buttmachineboys camgirls

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